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ReNED Ecosystems Conference  Programme

Ecosystem Services and Biodiversity in Developing Countries

17-18 August 2005, Eigtveds Pakhus, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Copenhagen, Denmark

The aim of this conference was to contribute to the understanding of the importance of biodiversity in terms of maintaining or developing ecosystems services such as fisheries, forest products, genetic resources for agriculture, pollination of crops and fruit trees, carbon sequestration in soils, water, human health, and eco-tourism. The conference addressed five key concerns:

  • The importance of biodiversity for maintaining the quality and quantity of ecosystem services.
  • The value of biodiversity in relation to ecosystem services. To whom is this value important?
  • Sustainable financing mechanisms and community based management systems. Which types of payments are appropriate in terms of institutional set-ups, the role of local population, etc, and what are the needs for support?
  • Biodiversity and ecosystem service monitoring. How can appropriate monitoring systems be designed in order to ensure sustainability of the system and the desired impact on the biodiversity and people?
  • How do we develop and maintain institutional capacity and good governance in the South regarding these topics?

The Proceedings of the conference are now available. They contain the objectives, all abstracts and summaries of the discussions and conclusions of the conference.

Consult the Thematic Pages on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services with many links to organisations and documents.

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